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Mold Growth After Water Damage

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Mold started growing in this home after water damage went undiscovered for a week.

Mold is commonly found on wet building materials. Mold colonies grow on building surfaces such as wood and drywall that act as food. There are hundreds of different species of mold, and each one prefers to grow in a slightly different environment. Most mold species grow best in warm, humid environments on wet or damp surfaces, but some can grow in extremely cold or hot environments. The length of time it takes for a mold colony to grow varies based on the species of mold, and how close the environment is to that species' ideal environment. Many can form large, visible colonies in as little as 72 hours. To prevent mold growth in your home, it is important to start the mitigation process as quickly as possible after water damage is discovered.

SERVPRO Dries Local Church After Pipe Burst

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

This photo shows SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton & Southern Lake Counties' drying equipment in action.

This church called SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton & Southern Lake Counties after a pipe broke and flooded multiple levels of their building. The crew was dispatched to extract water, remove non-salvageable building materials and set drying equipment to stabilize the environment. This photo shows the church's fellowship hall after demolition and extraction were completed. The large silver machines are dehumidifiers that are being used to remove excess moisture from the air. The smaller green machines are air movers, that are being used to remove water from the salvageable building materials. The green hoses are being used to inject air under the stage, so that all affected areas are dried. With the combination of the commercial grade drying equipment and the crew's hard work, the church was dry and open to the public in no time.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

5/25/2019 (Permalink)

This eye doctor's office trusts SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties to clean their carpets.

Local businesses trust SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties to clean their carpets. This eye doctor has had us clean their carpets multiple times over the past couple years so that it is always fresh for their customers.

Our technicians are trained in multiple methods of carpet cleaning, so that they can give you the best results. The best method of carpet cleaning can be determined by the type of carpet in your building, along with the type of soil on it.

Our technicians are also trained in spot removal. They can often remove stains such as ones from furniture or rust or other sources. If you think your building's carpet could use some freshening up, give us a call at 219-779-7577 to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

Lightening Strikes Causing Extensive Fire and Water Damage

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

When lightening struck this Lowell homeowner contacted SERVPRO to mitigate the damage.

Lightening struck this Lowell, Indiana home destroying the roof and damaging all of the rooms inside. The customer was quick to call SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton & Southern Lake Counties to mitigate the damage. Our certified technicians responded promptly to begin the cleanup. First they removed the falling drywall to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Then they extracted the standing water to prevent it from further soaking into the building materials and causing mold to grow. They also contacted the customer's insurance company to help the claims process run smoothly and confirm that insurance was aware of all the actions being taken to prevent further damage. The customer was ecstatic with SERVPRO's response time, especially considering it was a storm where many of his neighbors' basements were flooding from the heavy rainfall.

Carpet Saved After Sump Pump Fails

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

This post mitigation photo shows that when you call SERVPRO it will quickly be "Like it never even happened."

When heavy rainfall overwhelmed this customer's sump pump, they were distraught about the idea that they would not be able to use their Living Room and Dining Room for months while it was being repaired. Fortunately, they called SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties, who informed them that their carpet could be saved. The crew arrived shortly after the first notice of loss, and they were able to use special weighted extraction equipment to remove almost all of the water from the affected carpet. They then set drying equipment to remove the rest of the moisture. While their baseboards had to be detached to dry the drywall and framing behind them, resetting them was a quick project and the home looked "Like it never even happened."

The Effects of a Sump Pump Failure on a Finished Basement

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

This photo shows our drying equipment in action at a Crown Point, Indiana home.

Sump pumps have an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years, which means if you own a home with a sump pump you can anticipate it failing eventually. Sump pumps are used to prevent water from outside from seeping into your house, which is particularly common during heavy rainfalls.

When sump pumps fail, water comes into your home that can be significantly contaminated. SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties' technicians are trained to evaluate your home's building materials to determine which building materials can be saved, and which must be removed. Building materials that are not salvageable that are not removed can support microbial growth. Salvageable building materials that are exposed to the water for too long can also be destroyed. This customer knew when her sump pump failed that it was important to contact us quickly at 219-779-7577 so that our crew could save as much of her basement as possible.

Building Containment During Mitigation After a Storm

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Only part of this room was affected, so it was sectioned off with plastic to prevent unaffected areas from becoming contaminated.

Sometimes our crews need to move through unaffected areas of a home or business to get debris from the affected area to a disposal site. When that happens, our crews build containment chambers to prevent dust from spreading to the unaffected areas. Containment chambers are also built to reduce the amount of air being dried, which can speed up drying times.

On this job, ice dams formed in multiple places which allowed water to come into the building. The affected ceiling tiles and insulation had to be removed. The crews used plastic sheeting to construct containment so that the unaffected areas would not be contaminated. Once demolition was completed, the containment helped the affected areas dry significantly faster, with less equipment for a more cost effective job.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties

3/17/2019 (Permalink)

Think green this St. Patrick's Day and choose SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties!

SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties is thrilled to be celebrating St. Patricks Day this year! Here are some fun facts about St. Patricks Day:

  • St. Patrick’s Day is an annual feast day celebrating the patron saint the day is named after on his death date, March 17th.
  • Most people, whether they are Irish or not, wear green on this day. One of the Irish traditions is to pinch anyone who is not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • St. Patrick’s Day has become a holiday all around the world and for one day out of the year anyone can be Irish and join in the celebration.
  • The leprechaun is a small Irish fairy. He is dressed like a shoemaker, with pointed shoes and a hat. He also wears a leather apron. Leprechauns are supposed to be unfriendly little men who live alone in the forest, spending all of their time making shoes and guarding their treasures. If someone catches a leprechaun, he will be forced to tell where he hides all his pots of gold. However, the leprechaun must be watched at all times. If his captor looks away, the leprechaun will vanish along with his treasure.
  • Since 1962, the Chicago River is dyed kelly green during the celebration. Forty tons of dye is dumped into the river which changes color for four to five hours.
  • The shamrock is Ireland’s national flower. It is also one of the main symbols of St. Patrick, which represents the Holy Trinity. The three-leafed plant is often used as a badge.
  • It’s a common mistake to confuse a four-leaf clover and a shamrock. The four-leaf clover is considered lucky because they’re generally hard to find.

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

Why Plumbers Refer SERVPRO

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Plumbers call SERVPRO because they know time is the most important factor in determining how much damage there is to a home after a water damage.

Most homeowners have a plumber they know and trust to fix leaky pipes, install new appliances and help maintain their home. Did you know that most plumbers have a water damage company that they prefer to recommend? Plumbers are often the first onsite when a sump pump fails or a dishwasher overflows. They can fix the problem by replacing the sump pump or repairing the dishwasher, but they do not have the tools or training to make sure the surrounding structure is dry. That is why they call SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties. They know that they can trust us to remove any standing water, provide professional advice on what can be saved and what must be replaced, work with insurance to get payment quickly and dry the remaining structure. Plumbers are at water damages all the time, so they know what can happen if they are allowed to sit. They recommend calling us right away to minimize the damage saving you money, time completing repairs and making it, "Like it never even happened."

Lake Effect Rain in Northwest Indiana

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

This photo shows a home affected by the recent storms. Our crews had to remove the affected drywall and flooring because the ejector pump failed.

Its the beginning of the rainy season in Northwest Indiana. Don't forget to check your basement periodically to make sure that your sump pump and ejector pump are working and keeping up with the increased amount of rain. Lake effect rain can make a small storm swell into a large one and drop several extra inches of rain in a short period of time. This extra rain can quickly overwhelm your drainage system resulting in a wetter-than-desired basement. There are several steps you can take to prevent your basement from being flooded. Make sure you have a sump pump installed, along with a backup. Keep a generator on-hand in case your power goes out, so that you can keep your sump pump powered during heavy rainstorms. Keep your gutters clear and make sure downspouts are directing water away from your foundation.

If all else fails and your basement does flood, give us a call at 219-779-7577 to remove the water and dry your home so that you do end up with mold.