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Fire Damage Testimonials

I can't say enough good things about SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties. They are friendly, polite and offer superior service. Their technicians are knowledgeable and kind. The crew tested their cleaning method and showed me the results I can expect before cleaning the whole house. I was surprised how much soot was in the home after the water heater caught fire. I am confident that I can trust SERVPRO to deliver high-quality results and communicate throughout the job.

My mother was so worried about her house after her water heater caught fire. SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties was able to evaluate whether or not it made sense to file an insurance claim, meet with the insurance adjuster and put her mind at ease. I am so thankful that SERVPRO was able to respond so quickly and provide guidance and great service in our time of need. I won't call anyone else if someone in our family experiences a fire or water damage.

I think that SERVPRO was very easy and cooperative to work with. They helped us with insurance and storing and handling our belongings.

Kevin, John, Julian, Charles and Elsa (SERVPRO crew);

I want you all to know we appreciate each one of you for all your hard work, honesty and kindness. All of you have "bright" futures ahead!! Keep working hard and being kind. That's success. A huge thank you for everything :)

The crew did an excellent job. I loved that SERVPRO of Benton, Jasper, Newton and Southern Lake Counties were so professional and fast because I had renters in the home that couldn't move out during the repairs. I feel very blessed to have had SERVPRO there through everything.

I would like to complement your company on a fantastic job with the contents cleaning and restorations from smoke and fire damages.  The SERVPRO crew’s quick / immediate response for the initial evaluation / cleanup was perfect and timely.  The inventorying and packing out was a truly professional operation with special care to heirlooms and collectables / artwork.  The contents cleaning was superb; as the returned items in most cases were actually cleaner than before the smoke damages occurred. 

The help in unpacking the well packed / well cleaned items returned was a real blessing and thank you.  Each box was returned to the original room from the pack out (perfect).  The SERVPRO contents restoration group crews were so well organized and careful with everything that it is truly amazing.  5 Stars out of 5 for SERVPRO’s great work, and double 5 Stars (10 Stars) for the Managers; especially Lisa Van Norman and her attention to detail / site visits and outstanding communication throughout the restoration process.

Highly Recommended,

Ben G. Houser